2016 Registration for the 7th NTD’s International Classical Chinese Dance Competition Starts

Classical Chinese Dance professionals around the world are warmly invited to participate in the 7th New Tang Dynasty Television’s International Classical Chinese Dance Competition. Show your talent on the international stage and join the efforts to promote the authentic traditional Chinese culture through dance. This year’s Dance Competition will have the preliminary rounds in two areas. One will be held in Hong Kong in July, The other preliminaries, together with the semi-finals and finals will be held in October in New York.


6th NTD International Classical Chinese Dance Competition Winners


Junior Female Division

Gold Award: Xu Lian,Eden Zhu
Silver Award: Susan Zhou,Ellie Rao
Bronze Award: Chu-Chun Chen,Yili Elisabeth Baumann,Cherie Zhou,Tien Chen
Honorable Mention Award: Angela Xiao,Yu Fang Su, Yi-Chien Shi, Claudia Yang

Junior Male Division

Gold Award: Kenji Kobayashi,Danny Li
Silver Award: Po Yuan Wang,Monty Mou
Bronze Award: Bo Wei Chen,Ko Chi Pan,Yan Yong Liao
Honorable Mention Award: Aaron Huynh

Adult Female Division

Gold Award: Hsiao Hung Lin,Miranda Zhou-Galati,Chia-Ling Chen,Tao-Yung Cheng
Silver Award: Kai Di Wu,Guei Yu Lin,Daisy Wang
Bronze Award: Alison Chen,Cheryl Lin
Honorable Mention Award: Linjieh Huang,Kexin Li

Adult Male Division

Gold Award: Peter Huang
Silver Award: Jim Chen,Albert Yang
Bronze Award: Benjamin Lee,Jeff Sun,Alvin Song,William Sae-Li
Honorable Mention Award: Victor Sae-Li,Rick Li,Tim Lin, Jay Huang, Hung Wei Sun