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Special benefits of the

NTD International Piano Competition

  1. Global Broadcast

The semi-final and final rounds of the piano competition will be broadcast live via social media on NTD Television and Epoch Media Group channels, which reach 180 million followers worldwide.

  1. Global Media Promotion

The piano competition will be promoted to the Epoch Media Group’s global audience across all platforms: NTD Television broadcasts via satellite covering 100 million TV viewers worldwide; The Epoch Times newspaper has a weekly circulation of 1.6 million readers in 35 countries; the media group as a whole has an online audience of 360 million worldwide, in 23 languages.

  1. Unique Opportunity for Featured Interview

All finalists will have a featured video made of their performance, which will be promoted across the media group’s platforms.

  1. Commissioned Composition

It is our great honor to be permitted to select and rearrange one of the vocal pieces composed by world-renowned composer and Artistic Director of Shen Yun Performing Arts – D. F. – to be this competition’s Commissioned Composition.Pianists who make it to the semi-finals will have the opportunity to perform this special commissioned composition. A “Best Rendition Award” of $3,000 established for this commissioned composition this year (1 winner).

Jury’s comments on Commissioned Composition

  1. Professional Opportunities

For the past 10 years, the NTD International Piano Competition has been helping musicians from around the world launch international careers in piano performance. Well-known performing arts groups members will be attending or taking part in the competition, giving participants a unique chance to be recruited for professional opportunities with these groups, such as Shen Yun Performing Arts, which has 6 full orchestras that tour the world’s top venues.

  1. International Recognition

The competition serves as a unique platform for pianists to gain international recognition through participation in a major competition; media exposure in print, online, and on television; the addition of a recording title to their resume.

  1. Final Performance Video

Piano competition winners will receive a free Finalist DVD with performances recorded by NTD Television.

  1. Gold Award: $10,000