Painting Rules & Regulations


2014 NTD International Figure Painting Competition Rules and Regulations

1. Mission

The International Figure Painting Competition is one of a series of worldwide cultural arts events sponsored by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD Television). The Competition features works of figure oil painting expressing traditional virtues and values with classical Western realistic methods. Its purpose is to promote cultural exchange and the art of figure painting.

2. Awards

– One gold medal winner: US$10,000 cash award, gold medal, and award certificate.
– Two silver medal winners: US$3,000 cash award, silver medal, and award certificate.
– Three bronze winners: US$1,500 cash award, bronze medal, and award certificate.
– Numerous outstanding awards: award certificate.

3. Exhibition and Publishing

The award ceremony and the exhibition will be held in New York City.  All works qualifying for the final round will be displayed in a gallery exhibit and compiled into an album, the latter to be published internationally. In addition, all finalists and their works will receive extensive media coverage by NTD Television and its affiliated media partners.

4. Organizer

The International Figure Painting Competition is hosted by New Tang Dynasty Television.

5. Panel of Judges

The Panel of Judges for the Competition is composed of veteran fine arts professionals. The Panel is responsible for evaluating the contestants’ works, selection of qualifying works for each round, and the awarding of the winners.

6. Eligibilities

All professional fine artists around the world, except the members of the Panel of Judges, are welcome.

7. Requirements

7.1 Contestants may submit their works of figure oil painting created by classical, realistic, and academic methods.

7.2 The title and subject of the painting should reflect traditional moral values, without resorting to modern art techniques or concepts.

7.3. Each contestant is allowed to submit as many as three (3) original oil figure paintings created within the past ten (10) years.

7.4. Contestants should try their best to submit paintings that fit international standard frame sizes (See Appendix) as recommended by the Competition Organization Committee. For the purpose of public exhibition of the finalist works, the Committee can help rent frames (rental fees apply) for those works that fit the recommended sizes, and order customized frames at the finalists’ expense (which could be more costly) for others that do not fit the recommended sizes.

8. Registration and Procedures

8.1    Submission of Application Forms

8.1.1    Deadline: August 31th, 2014.

8.1.2    The application package:

–    High-resolution digital photos of the works (size should be less than 20MB)
–    Copy of applicant’s valid identification document.
–    The application form (downloadable from the Competition Website), including (in either Chinese or English) the titles and creative inspirations for the works (no more than 100 words).
–    Resume form (downloadable from the Competition Website), listing major accomplishments and prizes with photocopies of the prize certificates.

8.1.3    If an applicant has to use a pen name, he/she must make it clear that the name is “pen name” on the application form. Thereafter in the Competition, the pen name will be used for public purposes, such as in media coverage, or publication.

8.1.4    Application should be complete, legible, and signed.

8.1.5    Registration Fees: US$50 for the first painting; $10 for each additional. Payment methods include credit card, cash, traveler’s check or money order. Check should be payable to New Tang Dynasty Television.

8.1.6    For those contestants who need to apply for a visa to participate in the ceremony, US$35 fee is required for the visa application materials, which will be sent by express mail.

8.1.7    Contestants in Taiwan can pay the above fees in equivalent NT$.

8.1.8    Registration methods:
a. Internet:
b. Email: oilpainting(at)
c. Hotlines: 1-646-736-2988, 1-800-281-182 (Taiwan only)
d. Fax: 1-212-918-3479

8.1.9    Applicants are encouraged to send their application package via email to:oilpainting(at) For those who prefer to use regular mail, please send registered mail to: The Organization Committee of Chinese International Figure Painting Competition, 229 W. 28th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001, U.S.A.

8.1.10    The Competition Organization Committee must receive the complete application materials and fees from a contestant before the deadline.

8.1.11    The Competition Organization Committee will be responsible for all application materials received, but not so for any loss or damage during mail transit.

8.1.12    Contestant who would like to have their application materials returned should notate that on the application and enclose a self-addressed postage paid return envelope with the application. It is up to the contestant to ensure sufficient return postage.

8.2    Exhibition, Award Ceremonies and Other Arrangements

8.2.1    Notification and/or invitation letter for the award ceremony will be sent to all finalists, selected by the Panel of Judges, before September 10th, 2014.

8.2.2    Finalists should submit their original works by registered mail to reach the Competition Organization Committee by September 30th, 2014.

8.2.3    All finalists and their works will receive worldwide media coverage by NTD Television and its affiliated media partners. All final round works will be compiled into a book. All award winners will receive a free copy of the book; all contestants can purchase copies at a discounted price.

8.2.4   The award ceremony and exhibition will be held in New York City (location to be announced):

8.2.5   Exhibition Dates

December 1st – December 6th, 2014.

8.2.6   The Competition Organization Committee will arrange seminars and tours for participants of the award ceremony activities.

9. Handling of Original Works:

a. The Competition Organization Committee shall return the original back to the contestant;
b. Contestant may elect to bring the original back;
c. The original would be stored at the Competition Organization Committee for a short period of time;
d. Should contestant elect to donate the original work to the Competition Organization Committee, a donation certificate will be issued to recognize the contribution.

10. Accommodations and Transportation

The Competition Organization Committee will recommend hotels in New York City to finalists and their traveling companions.

Finalists and their traveling companions bear the costs of accommodation, and transportation on their own.

11. Copyrights

11.1  Contestants are entitled to the copyrights of their submitted works and any related rights, and their signatures on the application forms serve as the legal grounds. The Competition Organization Committee is not liable for any legal responsibilities due to artists’ negligence.

11.2  The organizer of the Competition has the right to reproduce the finalists’ works. Pursuant to relevant agreements, contestants are entitled to possible royalty from the copyrights.

12  Miscellaneous

12.1  Upon submission of their application forms or works, contestants acknowledge the validity of the Rules and Regulations.

12.2  Contestants must obey the Organizer’s arrangements; otherwise, the Organizer has the right to rescind the eligibility of the contestant or award. Contestant certifies the originality and authenticity of their works; contestant must bear all legal consequences for any plagiarism.

12.3     NTD Television owns the copyright to the audio and video materials produced for the Competition.

12.4     The decisions of the Panel of Judges will be final, and no appeal will be accepted.

12.5     The Competition Organization Committee has the ultimate authority to interpret the Rules and Regulations and has the right to make any changes to them as necessary.

12.6     Any changes to the Rules and Regulations for the Competition will be posted on the Competition Website.

NTD Television International Figure Painting Competition Organization Committee
Completed on February 20th, 2014

Appendix: Suggested Painting Sizes

Type  Size (inches)
 A  24 × 30
 B  24 × 36
 C  30 × 30
 D  30 × 40
 E  36 × 48