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2014 NTD International Figure Painting Competition

The 2014 finalists have been selected: click on the sidebar or HERE to view.


NTD Television invites you to take part in the Renaissance of Realistic Arts through its 2014 International Figure Painting Competition.

The competition is open to ALL artists that have done realistic figure painting within the last ten years. Artists will be judged on:
• The method used for the painting(s), which should be classical, realistic, and academic methods.
• The subject of the painting(s), which should bring forth a virtuous and uplifting spirit

This competition is a great opportunity for artists to
• Seize the opportunity to acquaint a global audience via a TV special
• Grab the attention of art agents, master artists and industry luminaries
• Share and learn from fellow artists from around the world
• Exhibit your outstanding works in New York City